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When we talk about routines it is needed to speak in Simple Present. Remember that there are certain rules when the subject is a third person singular. Also notice that some of the verbs requires a special -es ending. Take a look at the following video.

English Grammar - Present Simple tense

Also notice how some prepositions are used. If it is a specific time during the day or night (6:30 a.m.) we say "at 6:30 a.m." Also if it is on a specific day or days of the week we say "on weekends" "on Mondays", etc. PLEASE never say The Mondays or The Tuesdays or any other day of the week with the article the.
Now let's move on and practice how to make YES/NO questions. Take a look at the video and complete the exercise at the end.
English Grammar - Present Simple - YES/NO QUESTIONS  

Complete the following exercises:

You can always look at this website for information.

Well, now let's move on and get into a higher leverl. Now we are going to ask open questions. For this you need to know the meaning of some words: Who, When, Where, What, Whay and How. Take a look at the following video.

English Grammar - Present Simple - WH- QUESTIONS

Now that we have made affirmative, negative and questions in Simple Present it is important to introduce adverbs. An adverb is a part of speech that tells how a verb or another adverb must be. It modifies the way verbs act. Take a look at this video.

Now that you know a bit more about adverbs in Simple Present go ahead and take the QUIZ.


Take a look at this website: (EGO4U)
Don't forget to visit engVid. (engVid)

Greeting People

When we want to communicate with another person it is very important to know how to ask for their name or how to start a conversation. Here are two short videos that show a few different ways of saying hello and asking for a person's name.

Watch the videos and complete the excercise at the end.



As you could see, there were just 5 short phrases to say hello or ask a person's name. Now complete the excercises. They will pop up in another window.

Once you are done with the exercises you can continue with more vocabulary and phrases. This video is about saying hello and goodbye.

Try to make a few sentences saying hello to someone and giving a short response. If nobody is near you it can be done out loud. An alternative is to leave a message right here with your phrases.

Now let ask others WHERE ARE THEY FROM? Listen and pay attention to the following videos.

Finally here are two more videos. I hope they help you to get more confidence speaking English. Remember that you can always pause and play the video at any given time.

 Conversation Skills - How to keep a conversation going


Conversation Skills - Speak with confidence


- Record a video explaining how to introduce to people in English.
- Do the exercise here.


A great place for english videos: (engVid)
Real conversational English website: (Real English)